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hi! we're Erica and Florencia


our values

This is how we show up at holibody.


We dream of another way of being in this world. We recognize our innate creativity.


We honor our vulnerability and remain open to our community about our experiences, knowledge or lack of it. We show our real humanness. 


We work to show all aspects of holistic practices and traditions, as we encourage each other to take responsibility for their own exploration.


A childlike sense of play is an important part of our daily needs and lives. We embrace real contentment with our open hearts.

about us

our story

We crossed paths in Paris. Erica, originally from the US was based in the City of Light for more than eight years where she studied, worked and met her husband. Florencia was just arriving from Uruguay, her home country where she left everything following signs to keep developing. 

In 2019 we found ourselves working for an NGO supporting a multicultural team that helps social change-makers with their mental health. In such experience we learned and dove deeper into healing therapies and especially mental health support. We found that while mental therapies are as important as any other health realm, they can become heavy if we don't balance with bodily practices. 

Together we've witnessed how balance is needed to be really well. We've experienced burnout together while supporting others to prevent it. In that irony we understood how our bodies are a gateway to holistic well-being. We were forced to listen, to take a step back and create from a subtle place of inner wisdom and joy. 

It's with that humbleness that we're birthing holibody. This project is infused with passion for empowering women in their bodies and holistic health. It is a journey that we are living while we share and create for other women. Because we believe that by serving this purpose we empower and heal ourselves too.  

Our commitment is to bring the voice of female bodies to the well-being world. We want to break the taboo that exist around holistic bodily practices to make them available and part of women's toolkit so we feel empowered in our bodies and health (again). 

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