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our values

This is how we show up at holibody.


We dream of another way of being in this world and we take intentional action in that direction. We recognize our innate creativity.


We honor our vulnerability and remain open to our community about our experiences, knowledge or lack of it. We show our real humanness. 


We work to show all aspects of holistic practices and traditions, as we encourage each other to take responsibility for their own exploration.


A childlike sense of play is an important part of our daily needs and lives. We embrace real contentment with our open hearts.

about us

our story

Hi, we’re Florencia and Erica, a Uruguayan and an American, two thirty-somethings based in Paris. We met in 2019, working for an NGO supporting mental health and wellbeing for social changemakers. It was there that we dove deeper into healing therapies and our own explorations of what wellbeing means to us.


Experiencing burnout ourselves as we helped others prevent it, following our intuition to focus on the body for greater wellbeing and vitality, we became convinced of the need to listen more closely to our bodies in order to tap into its wisdom. We want to spread the word:


Our bodies are an important gateway to holistic wellbeing.


It's with this conviction that we've created holibody. We’re committed to supporting women to feel empowered in their bodies and their health. We are creating a space where all women can find answers to their questions and feel safe in their choice of practitioners, as they explore holistic bodily practices with the aim to lead a more fulfilled life. 

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