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Integrative Therapy

About the practice

We are made of many parts and all of them need to be looked at, recognized, listened to, and embraced.

I offer a wide playground so that you can do and undo, discover, and rediscover yourself in your wholeness. My purpose is to offer a framework that can accommodate your complete being, that gives space for what Jung called the self to manifest, layer after layer.

Integrating psycho-somatic therapy, Gestalt, and systemic-family therapy, always with a socio-cultural outlook and integrating your transpersonal experience we ensure that your multidimensional being is welcome and able to express in a safe space.

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Begoña Abaitua

“What you deny submits you. What you accept transforms you.” - Carl Jung

My personal search led me to start a beautiful path almost 10 years ago. I entered this journey out of necessity because life hurt me and I had a lot to heal. The path has become one of my great passions and I'm thrilled to realize that from the healing of my wounds is emerging the ability to accompany other people to heal theirs, to discover themselves, and to live with more presence, contact, and joy. All this has led me to train in different therapeutic techniques and attend all kinds of retreats, workshops, and courses. I've been trained in Gestalt Therapy and I'm currently training in Transpersonal Psycho-Corporal Therapy. I studied Social and Cultural Anthropology, which inevitably gives a holistic approach to everything I do. Meditation is one of my best medicines, Dance is my favorite tool to connect with the body and Nature is my home and great teacher.
Begoña Abaitua
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