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Self-tolerance Yoga

About the practice

A soothing practice that will help you relax and recharge your batteries in a gentle, harmonious way. Enjoy creating a little bubble for yourself for listening and respecting your body!

We will source from three complementary practices to deepen self-tolerance and let our bodies find a language where we can listen to our needs instead of imposing. Dynamic and fluid, on the one hand, to make it playful and feel some dancing from within (vinyasa style); slow and profound to activate specific bodily parts (yin style); and of course restorative and simple to relax and recharge at the same time (shanti style).

This transformational time for you may become your sacred space to tap into your inner strength and bodily wisdom.

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Johanna Bideau

"Embrace a discipline that unites body and mind".

Yoga came into my life through the window, like a soothing sunray... At first, I practiced as a physical activity that made me feel good and allowed me to create a little bubble of calm within my life in my 35m² Parisian apartment. Then it gradually became the message of self-tolerance and listening to the body that allowed me to deepen my connection with this discipline that goes much deeper than a sport. Finally, my training as a yoga teacher enabled me to reconnect with another of my passions: Philosophy! This encounter at the crossroads of Eastern and Western thoughts is something I bring to our practice and intend to share with you in an accessible way.
Johanna Bideau
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